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I thrive in project-oriented positions where creativity and innovation are not just possible, but required. From restaurants and beverage industries to web management and marketing for medical practices, the projects I have enjoyed the most have been oriented toward developing lasting relationships between the professionals I work with and their clientele. 

I am passionate about entertainment industries and supporting burgeoning artists through my work. I grew up as a professional actor working in New York City and regionally upstate, and have been a member of the Actors' Equity Association since 2001. During the years since, my focus in theater mostly shifted off-stage into more technical jobs, working as a sound engineer and lighting technician, venue and stage management and various aspects of promotion and sales. I've learned to appreciate that when compared with other industries, theater is uniquely honest about the ways business is performative, even behind the curtain. Extending this honesty across industries has been central to many of my roles and projects. 


My education at Williams College was greatly influenced by my experiences as a young performer and by my diagnosis of brain cancer during my second year in college. While my degree is in sociology, my curriculum also emphasized bureaucratic and organizational studies, visual arts, and the history of science. I learned to prioritize what matters most to me: creating shared experiences, and became determined to understand my career in those terms.

I developed technical art skills under the instruction of experts in many media, from painting, drawing and sculpting, to digital artwork, music production and more. I have a diverse creative tool-belt as a designer and visual artist. I am no virtuoso, but I am proficient across media and I enjoy creating. In 2011, I founded an artists' collective in Williamstown, MA to connect creators in the Berkshire region with students at Williams College and MCLA in North Adams, MA. While in the Berkshires, I worked with various galleries and music venues running sound equipment, managing promotion, and coordinating shows. 

After college, I trained front-of-house staffs for restaurants in Saratoga Springs, NY and excelled in wine & liquor sales. My partner and I made the most of life in the Northeast, until moving to Seattle in 2017 with our dog and the belongings that fit in our sedan.

Since arriving on the West coast, I have worked closely with medical practices, developing full websites with S.E.O. and running social media presences, managing and on-boarding electronic health record systems, and doing various projects to revamp their brands. My projects have helped medical practices innovate across the full spectrum of patient experiences, including advertising and ensuring great first-impressions, designing exam rooms and waiting areas, developing specialized questionnaires and medical forms, and coaching physicians to make the most of patient communications technologies.


Beyond patient-oriented projects, I did focused research projects and co-wrote presentations for medical societies and conventions regarding ENT and Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. In 2018, I worked closely with the board of the Northwest Association of Otolaryngology to aid in the research, design, and acquisition of funding for a program that promotes women as mentors for other women in ENT medicine, which is more male-dominated than other areas of medicine.

Since the pandemic began, I have been looking for a new position. I eventually landed a marketing position with Compass Real Estate in Seattle, where I work with a thousand agents to help them achieve their business goals. 


Very Professional Statement


Internet Presence Strategy 


Print Collateral

Design & Asset Production

Ad Campaigns & S.E.O.  



Social Media Development

Event Coordination   

Re-engagement Campaigns 

Innovative Advertising 


Williams College


BA Sociology. Extended curriculum: anthropology, art, history of science, african american studies, masculinity, gender & sexuality studies, comparative literature, geology, philosophy, performance studies. 

Ballston Spa High School


Ancient history.


Outside of work, I find balance pursuing extremes in excitement and relaxation.

My partner and I are both excellent cooks.


I am an avid TV-viewer with an appetite for comedy, drama, and shows featuring Gordon Ramsay.

I love nearly all live music, especially when there is seating. 

I like living in a small city neighborhood where I can walk to and from all the shops I visit. During the before-times, I would frequent local bars with friends, or have burgers on the grill by the fire pit in my yard.

My monsteras are thriving. 

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